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CO2 emissions account for the majority of global warming.

In simple terms carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases act like a blanket or a cap, trapping some of the heat that Earth might have otherwise radiated out into space.  The link between the CO2 parts per million level and rise in global temperature can be seen here.

Global Warming Index and CO2 emissions

Here’s a couple of charts (updated monthly) to show the Atmospheric CO2 parts per million.

We are also tracking here how for the UK how the mix of electricity generation has changed over the years from 2012 to the current date, .  Importantly you can see coal has been gradually replaced by the more planet friendly gas and renewables.

If you want the current live mix then click here, and click here for a more detailed look at the last 12 months

Immense thanks to Dr Andrew Crossland for allowing us to use these trackers.