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Bresser Weather Station with outdoor sensor

The BRESSER TemeoTrend JC LCD Weather Clock has an "ultra wide angle" (UWA) display. The large presentation and the broad viewing angle provide for an easy reading of the shown information from almost any position in the room.

  • "Ultra Wide Angle" (UWA) Display 191 x 167mm/ 7.5” x 6.6”
  • Radio controlled clock (self setting clock - adjusts for daylight savings time)
  • Alarm
  • Indoor & outdoor temperature
  • Indoor & outdoor humidity
  • 12-24 hours weather forecast
  • Max. and min. temperature memory
  • Wall or desk mounted
  • Supports up to 3 remote sensors

FanJu FJ3391 Weather Station With Projector Clock

This Projection Alarm Clock Projects Time and Temperature onto Ceiling or Walls so you can tell time simply lying on the bed.This Projection Alarm Clock / weather station gets a multi-colour section display for time and weather information and four modes of brightness. You receive weather data from a remote sensor via wireless transmission. You also get a buzzer alarm clock with ice pre-alert function that beeps when the weather is unfavourable outside.Specification:Main Station:1. The weather forecasting function;2. Projection function;3. DCF Radio control time function (Only For Germany);4. Perpetual Calendar Up to Year 2099;5. Weekday in 7 languages option: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Netherlands and Danish;6. Time in optional 12/24-hour format;7. Two daily alarms;8. Automatic snooze function;9. Humidity:- Indoor & Outdoor measurable range: 20%RH ~ 95%RH;10. Temperature:- Indoor temperature measurement ranges: -9.9 ℃ (15 ℉) to 50 ℃ (122 ℉),- Outdoor temperature measurement ranges: -40 ℃ (-40 ℉) to 70 ℃ (158 ℉),- Temperature alternatively in ℃ or ℉,- Outdoor thermometer and frost alert;11. Minimum/Maximum display for air humidity and temperature;12. Outdoor DEW point temperature and heat index query;13. 3 levels of moldy risk display14. 4 levels brightness backlight15. Up to 3 remote sensors can be connected with the main station16. Dimensions: approx. 16.8cm * 10cm * 3.8cm

GARNI 525 Multifunction Colour Weather Station

  • Weather station with high-end colour inverted VA display. Time and date controlled by DCF-77 radio signal, alarm clock, measurement of indoor temperature, relative humidity and absolute air pressure. The wireless sensor for measuring the outside temperature and relative humidity is included. Optional temperature values in Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F) moon phases.
  • You can use 3 wireless sensors GARNI 045H (1 wireless sensor GARNI 045H in the package), which can be installed outside or inside to see what temperature or humidity in your children's room, living room, balcony or garden, etc.
  • Weather station is equipped with a memory for maximum and minimum readings of temperature and rel. Humidity with automatic reset at 0:00.
  • Based on monitoring the air pressure with the air pressure sensor of the weather station, you can display the weather forecast over 5 weather forecast icons (sunny, partially cloudy, cloudy, rain, thunderstorm).
  • 12 or 24 hour time display format. You can set the time zone from -12 to +12 hours. Alarm clock for 5 minutes every day or week with snooze function. Wake-up signal - 10 seconds 1 tone per second / 10 seconds 2 beeps per second / 10 seconds 4 beeps per second, and then a continuous acoustic signal. You will never fall asleep again.
We normally deal direct with the main importer Weatherspares, which is why we pass you onto them to complete your purchase. However we are aware that sometimes Amazon run special deals, so for your convenience, we also check every day to see what is available.  The latest information is below, so just click on the relevant price:

Geevon 208667 Wireless Weather Station with Outdoor Sensor

Multifunctional Wireless Weather Thermometer  Indoor outdoor weather station wireless with 15cm color LCD touch display and adjustable 3-level backlight makes all the information well displayed and easy to read: inside outside temperature&humidity with max/min values and customizable alerts(hi/lo) , future 12-24hrs weather forecast, comfort indicator, moon phase, time and dateSupport Up to 3 Outdoor Sensors  Wireless weather station indoor outdoor tracks temperature and humidity within 200ft/60m transmission range in open area. Supports to connect with 3 remote sensors (ONLY 1 SENSOR INCLUDED) to monitor different locations, like baby room, bedroom, greenhouse, backyard, garage, storage room, attic, or a wine cellar.Easy-to-Read LCD Backlit Display Thermometer for home indoor outdoor with light blue backlight makes the readings can be easily to see even in dim light conditions. Powered by 3 x AAA batteries( NOT INCLUDED) which means that you can place it anywhere without sockets. The backlight will turn off automatically after 10s to save power, and it can be activated by pressing the “SNZ/LIGHT” button.Weather Station Alarm Clock Digital weather station predicts the weather forecast for the next 12-24 hours and displays via 5 icons: Sunny, Partly Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy, Snowy, reminds you the changes of the climate and helps plan your travel and outdoor activities in advance with confidence. Not only a weather thermometer, but also an alarm clock with 5-minute snooze which gives you little time to enjoy sleeping without being late.

Kalawen Digital Weather Station with Outdoor Indoor Sensor

Weather Station with Colour Digital Indoor Outdoor Temperature, Humidity, Date, Alarm Clock for Home OfficeKalawen's weather forecast products include sensors that collect real-time data directly outdoors. They are based on weather stations that track specific weather-related variables, including changes in temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure to produce a forecast with a personalized accuracy for your location. It can show you the weather in real time in the next 12 to 24 hours.Moon phase and tide display: The weather station has an indicator that automatically displays the current moon phase.Comfort display: Indoor comfort is calculated based on indoor temperature and humidity (5 levels in total). Very vivid from a smile to a sad face.

Kalawen Weather Station with 3 Outdoor Sensors

Weather Station with 3 Outdoor Sensors Kalawen weather station with 3 outdoor Sensors that shows outdoor temperature and humidity, weather forecast, indoor temperature and humidity, date, alarm and slumber, barometer. High-Tech Wireless Remote Sensor Kalawen weather station kit includes an LCD colour display (built-in sensor) and 3 wireless remote sensor. The wireless home weather station displays real-time weather through monitoring indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity. 6 simple and vivid icons(forecast in next 24 hours): Sunny, Slightly Cloudy, Rainy, Heavy Rainy and Snowy. The remote sensors offer a transmission range up to 60m which means you can put them inside your backyard, garden or courtyard.Private Weather Forecast for You Our weather station is not like the weather forecast you see on TV or online. Kalawen weather forecast products feature 3 sensors that collect real-time data right outdoor. They are based on weather stations tracking specific weather-related variables, including changes in temperature, humidity and barometric pressure to generate a forecast with pinpoint accuracy personalized for your location.

Lanhiem Indoor Digital Thermometer Hygrometer with Alarm Clock – Easy to Read

  • 📟 Large LCD Display Easy to read, displays temperature humidity and time simultaneously. Low power consumption, powered by one AAA battery (included).
  • 💎Range And Accuracy Measures temperature range -50℃~+70℃, accuracy ±1℃/1.8°F; measures humidity range 10%~99%RH, accuracy ± 5%RH.
  • Portable Design Can be wall mounted or stood on desktop, with alarm clock function, perfect weather monitoring gadget for Home Office.
  • 👑 Designed for Indoor Use This digital thermometer hygrometer records the maximum and minimum temp & humidity memory, ℃/℉ switchable.


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