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Shouldn’t laugh, but what the heck….

Unexpected Waves and Mini Tsunamis Compilation

2020-08-19T15:55:56+01:00Extreme Weather, Storm Surges and Tsunamis, Weather Fails|

WARNINGThis is a compilation of unexpected waves and mini tsunamis - most of the scenes will make you smile and shake your head at people's stupidity, but there are a couple where we can't be sure that the folks didn't get hurt.The clips are of waves crashing into beaches, cities and boats.You should [...]

Wind Vs People. The wind blows people away

2020-08-19T15:27:31+01:00Extreme Weather, Hurricanes and Gales, Weather Fails|

I know we shouldn't laugh, but there's a natural slapstick when people fall over or get blown over. Thankfully nobody appears to get hurt. Walking in the Wind: People blown over in streets as Storm is scattering people like grains of sand Who is stronger - man or wind? source [...]

Funny and Weird Weather Fails

2020-08-15T16:27:21+01:00Weather Fails, Weather Webcams, Webcam & Videos|

Sometimes it's better to just stay inside. Here they are, 10 minutes of the best and worst weather fails submitted to us in the last year. Original Links: fish hits girl in face Skim Board Garbage Can Floats down Flooded Street Snow Roof Fall Guy Gets Taken by Kite [...]


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