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Everything: Volcanoes and Earthquakes – National Geographic for Kids

Packed with facts and tantalising anecdotes from experts and bursting with colour photographs, learn all about volcanoes and earthquakes in this fresh take on the subject that kids with love.It’s time to learn everything about volcanoes and earthquakes!Each book in the National Geographic Kids Everything series has more than 100 pictures, an explorer’s corner with from-the-field anecdotes and tips, fun facts throughout, maps and infographics, an illustrated diagram, a photo gallery, cool comparisons, a behind-the-scenes photograph, an interactive glossary, and more.

Extreme Weather (Tornadoes To Hurricanes)

Most children are enthralled by nature, specifically outer space and various weather conditions.
Because not everyone lives in a geographic region that experiences tornadoes and hurricanes, picture books are a great way for children to learn about these events.
A well illustrated picture book can help students understand how tornadoes and hurricanes are formed, and can help them overcome their fear of these extreme weather situations.
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Speedy Publishing LLC (26 Nov. 2014) Language ‏ : ‎ English Paperback ‏ : ‎ 50 pages ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1635011051 ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1635011050 Reading age ‏ : ‎ 8 - 12 years Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 21.59 x 0.3 x 21.59 cm

Field Guide to the Weather: Learn to Identify Clouds and Storms, Forecast the Weather, and Stay Safe

Your Guide to Watching Clouds and Understanding the WeatherFrom the soothing sound of rain to the shrill whistle of a blizzard, from the house-shaking rumble of thunder to the violent fury of a hurricane, weather is a fascinating part of our lives. We watch it. We listen to it. We feel it. We try to predict it. But how well do we truly understand it?Professional meteorologist Ryan Henning presents Field Guide to the Weather, a handy reference to meteorology and to the types of weather phenomena that one might encounter at home or in nature.  Field Guide to the Weather is a perfect introduction to the science of weather. The information is captivating for kids and adults alike.

Hello Winter: The fourth in a magical illustrated children’s picture book series

Meet four magical friends who control the seasons in this irresistible new series from author-illustrator Jo Lindley.Finally it’s Winter turn to share her special season, and she’s SO excited. But her friends don’t like her chilly games. Instead of passing the weather crown to Winter, Autumn gives it to Spring.As Winter stomps off to play snow games on her own, it isn’t long before her friends start feeling bad. Can they find their way through the ice and snow to tell their friend how much she means to them?Perfect for little readers learning about empathy and taking turns.Each title centres on a different seasonal character and gently explores key social and emotional themes, such as anxiety, self-belief and resilience.Set in an enchanting natural world that readers will love to return to again and again!With a sparkling foil finish!Collect the series and discover more magical seasonal adventures: Hello Spring Hello Autumn Hello Summer

Hello, World! Weather

Learn from home and explore the world with these fun and easy board books! Young children are fascinated with weather and the seasons.Hello, World! is a series designed to introduce first nonfiction concepts to babies and toddlers.Told in clear and easy terms and featuring bright, cheerful illustrations, Hello, World! makes learning fun for young children.Each sturdy page offers helpful prompts for engaging with your child ("Look out the window. What is the weather like today?") plus simple scientific facts ("Mornings are cooler than afternoons because the sun doesn't shine overnight.")It's a perfect way to bring science and nature into the busy world of a toddler, where learning never stops. 

Weather (DK Eyewitness)

Why does it rain? How hot is a bolt of lightning? What makes hurricanes happen? Find out with Eyewitness Weather and become an expert on the skies above us.From giant tornadoes to the smallest of snowflakes, discover all about weather conditions and how they are created. Weather we experience every day, as well as extreme weather around the world - such as tropical storms - are explained by detailed illustrations and photography alongside incredible facts and figures. As you look at the world's weather, you'll also learn about the history of meteorology and our obsession with predicting and understanding weather.This is a fun and interactive guide with lots of infographics, statistics, and facts. A giant fold-out wall chart is crammed full of photographs and information to serve as a useful reference tool on your bedroom or classroom wall.Whether you're doing a school project or just learning for fun, this is the perfect weather guide and you'll never look at the skies the same way again!

Weather (Usborne Beginners): 1 (Beginners Series)

What makes the wind blow? How can rain sometimes be red? Why are tornadoes like vacuum cleaners?
You'll find out the answers and lots more about weird and wonderful weather in this fascinating book.
Usborne Beginners are colourful information books for children beginning to read on their own.
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