We only send 1 alert per extreme weather condition per day

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For your added security our list is managed by Google groups, so you’ll now get a separate e-mail to confirm you have been added to this list.

We will only e-mail you a maximum of one alert per day in terms of the specific condition being breached, and in general terms these will be if:

Temperature, higher than  31C or lower than -7C

More than 15mm rain in an hour or 25mm in 6 hours

More than 15mb pressure change in last hour

Pressure going higher than 1043mb or lower than 973mb

Gust of wind higher than 46mph (storm force 9)

Danger of frost (takes into account a number of factors, not just temperature dropping towards zero)

And you are able to unsubscribe at anytime by following the links on each alert


Last Updated on 29th April 2024 : Originally published on 17th December 2021