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Barigo Analog Brass Weather Station – Barometer / Thermometer / Hygrometer

Black Forest watchmaker's quality.Precision measuring instruments in a double sockets work behind acrylic glass in a elegant design this product is made from brass.Temperature, Air Pressure and Air moisture.Barometer with double diaphragm movementGift for lovers of analog technology4.3 x 4.3 x 6,. Inch, scales brass, acrylic domeWeight: 470 gMade in Germany -  For more than 80 years, the brand Barigo For Mechanical industry tradition from the black forest.

Barigo Table Weather Station double diaphragm brass

Barigo temperature and humidity barometer Gold

  • Mechanical weather station made of barometer, thermometer and hygrometer
  • Double diaphragm movement barometer for precise measurement, adjustment from below
  • Single elements of brass dome and black plastic ring
  • Gift for someone who has "everything", eye-catching desk accessory

Burwells 5-in-1 Garden Weather Station with Solar Light

This 5-in-1 weather station monitors the local weather from your own back gardenStanding 5 feet tall, it can be staked in any soft ground and has an integral solar light so you can view readings even in the darkKeep an eye on the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, check both wind direction and speed via the arrow vane and spinning anemometer, and discover how much rain has fallen via the integral rain gaugeWeather-resistant construction Lamp with integral solar panel Thermometer in °C and °F, Wind direction arrowSpinning wind-speed anemometer with rain gauge.Home assembly required, Measures 1.5m tall

Galileo Thermometer with Etched Glass Globe Barometer

A lovely conversation starter and a fun example of early scientific measurement, this Galileo thermometer and Glass Barometer set from Lily's Home engages the eye while monitoring the weather.Designed for approximate interpretation of temperature and general prediction of fair or foul weather, the set features glass instruments that rely on the principles of buoyancy and air pressure for their function.In the thermometer, the brightly colored internal spheres rise and lower with fluctuations in temperature and corresponding density.The glass barometer is shaped like a globe with beautiful etched designs. It works by shifting liquid to and from its curved spout in response to changes in the air pressure.Both pieces are beautifully shaped with a wooden base that makes the set easy to display on desk or bookshelf.The station measures 9-inches in length and stands at 12-inches in height.The thermometer measures every 4º degrees (2.2c) from 64º F (18c) to 80º F  (27c)and is accurate to within 2º F (1c) degrees with five floats.

Garden Slate Thermometer 43 x 10cm

This Garden Slate Thermometer has an attractive simple streamlined design and a must have for keeping track of those ever changing temperatures. Clearly marked, it caters from -30° to 50° centigrade and also measures Fahrenheit for those who like an old school way of measuring a sunny (or freezing) day. No garden should be without one...Made of slate to look good and resist the elements.The piece comes with fixings and two pre-drilled holes at the top and bottom.We recommend positioning in a sheltered area to prolong its life.The classic style reminds of us of traditional materials and we feel is a very fitting choice for any garden.Traditional outdoor garden thermometer, finished on a natural slate stone back ground and large clear numbers with an aged feel to it.Perfect for situating in your garden with a good range of temperature.Mercury free and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.Dimensions: 43cm x 10cm x 1cm

Garden Weather Station 3 in 1 Wall Clock Thermometer Hygrometer

Garden Weather Station 3 in 1 Wall Clock
  • Multi-functional; Weatherproof clock, thermometer and hygrometer
  • Durable; Made from durable powdered coated steel that's completely weather resistant
  • Stylish; Attractive floral and bird design, available in a choice of colours to suit different tastes
  • Variety of colours; This clock is available in black, grey or cream
  • Guarantee; 12-month guarantee

Large 44cm Tall Free Standing Galileo Thermometer in Gift Packaging

The globe that hangs lowest in the top group of globes with be showing the exact temperatureThis galileo works on the principle that the density of a liquid changes as temperatures change, the liquid in the bubbles is multi coloured - the ten tags are a brass colourThere are 10 baubles in the Galileo, the thermometer stands 44cm tall

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