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The latest weather synopsis showing the weather fronts and associated pressure is below – the image is updated very hour or so.

And if you prefer a more classical, static black and white version from the Met Office:

Current Pressure Map

The numbers measure the atmospheric pressure in millibars. Usually isobars are drawn at intervals of two or four millibars (one thousandth of a bar). The closer the isobars are together, the windier it is.

If the lowest number is in the middle circle, this is a low pressure or depression. Often low pressures mean wet and windy weather.

If the highest number is in the middle circle, this is a high pressure or anticyclone. Often high pressures mean dry, sunny weather.

Air pressure tends to range from 890 mb (a hurricane) to 1060 mb (an anticyclone).

Last Updated on 11th May 2020 : Originally published on 8th May 2020