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Burwells 5-in-1 Garden Weather Station with Solar Light

This 5-in-1 weather station monitors the local weather from your own back gardenStanding 5 feet tall, it can be staked in any soft ground and has an integral solar light so you can view readings even in the darkKeep an eye on the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, check both wind direction and speed via the arrow vane and spinning anemometer, and discover how much rain has fallen via the integral rain gaugeWeather-resistant construction Lamp with integral solar panel Thermometer in °C and °F, Wind direction arrowSpinning wind-speed anemometer with rain gauge.Home assembly required, Measures 1.5m tall

Esschert Design Wall Thermometer Brown Cast Iron BR20

The thermometer from Esschert Design is a decorative wall thermometer that can be attached to your window frame or your exterior wall.It displays temperatures of between -30 °C and +50 °C (-20°F and +120 °F) and you can check the temperature from the house or from the garden as the thermometer can be rotated.This garden thermometer is adorned with a bird figure and partly derives its decorative appeal from the material and production method used, as it was hand-moulded from cast iron using centuries-old traditional craftsmanship.Dimensions: 5.4 x 9.4 x 27.3 cm (L x H x W)

Faithfull FAITHMMDIG Thermometer Analogue / Digital Max-Min

Based on a traditional design, the Faithfull Digital Max-Min Thermometer offers the convenience of both digital and standard capillary thermometers. Double capillary thermometers provide an instant and accurate reading of the surrounding environment in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit.The thermometer features a large, easy to read LED display that records and shows the highest and lowest temperatures reached throughout the day and night since its last reset. The display can easily be switched between Centigrade and Fahrenheit depending on preference and can be instantly reset to the current temperature at the press of a single button.This is the ideal instrument for measuring and recording the temperature of greenhouses, conservatories or any room around the home. The thermometer can be used free standing or hung and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is mercury free.Uses 1 x AAA battery.

Garden Slate Thermometer 43 x 10cm

This Garden Slate Thermometer has an attractive simple streamlined design and a must have for keeping track of those ever changing temperatures. Clearly marked, it caters from -30° to 50° centigrade and also measures Fahrenheit for those who like an old school way of measuring a sunny (or freezing) day. No garden should be without one...Made of slate to look good and resist the elements.The piece comes with fixings and two pre-drilled holes at the top and bottom.We recommend positioning in a sheltered area to prolong its life.The classic style reminds of us of traditional materials and we feel is a very fitting choice for any garden.Traditional outdoor garden thermometer, finished on a natural slate stone back ground and large clear numbers with an aged feel to it.Perfect for situating in your garden with a good range of temperature.Mercury free and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.Dimensions: 43cm x 10cm x 1cm

Large 44cm Tall Free Standing Galileo Thermometer in Gift Packaging

The globe that hangs lowest in the top group of globes with be showing the exact temperatureThis galileo works on the principle that the density of a liquid changes as temperatures change, the liquid in the bubbles is multi coloured - the ten tags are a brass colourThere are 10 baubles in the Galileo, the thermometer stands 44cm tall

Outdoor Thermometer with Bronze Effect Design – Easy to Hang

Outdoor Thermometer with Bronze Effect Design - Stylish Garden Thermometer Outdoor Suitable For Outside Temperature Gauge Wall Greenhouse Garage Easy to Hang Stunning bronze effect outside thermometer with an adjustable arm to adjust the angle of view of the thermometer.With an attractive design the outdoor thermometer is ideal for use in the garden, greenhouse or patio.The thermometer can be easily fixed to any surface including shed, wall, fence post or the side of a house.Temperature readings are displayed in both C and F and has a very clear and easy to read temperature scale.Specification Temperature Range: -30 to +50°C&F Divisions: 2°C Product Material: Metal and Plastic Product Dimensions: 245 mm x 80 mm x 35 mm Clear easy to read temperature scale 


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