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3DHOME Storm Glass Weather Forecaster Weather Station

  • Size and placement 13.5 * 6.5 * 6.5 cm, it is best to place it in the shade of the house, close to large windows, and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Amazing Decoration The creative glass weather forecast is a gorgeous craft that can be used to decorate balconies, living rooms, desks, hotels, bars and bedrooms. Share with your family and friends as it is a beautiful home decor for the glass.
  • Mysterious Storm Glass Liquids can be predicted to be sunny, cloudy or thunderstorms from sunny to cloudy to from crystal flakes to snow. Note: "Temperature change is the most important factor in crystal growth"
  • Tips Storm glass may take one to two weeks of crystal stabilization time and adapt to the environment. If you want to see the test results, you can freeze them in the refrigerator for half an hour to an hour to see the effect of the changes.

3DHOME Storm Glass, Weather Forecasting Gift

Storm glass or weather forecast bottles are a device invented by navigators in the 17th century to predict weather changes to predict storms. Although this is a great invention, the inventors were not known to the general public at the time.

Later, the equipment became popular in 1860 under the propaganda of the then British Navy Admiral general: Robert FitzRoy (Director of the British Meteorological Agency).

A sealed glass container is filled with a transparent solution of several chemicals. According to changes in external temperature and weather, different types of crystals will appear in the bottleAnd a modern digital humidity / thermometer is given for extra reassurance.

Esschert Glass Barometer with Cast Iron Stand

This glass barometer that forecasts the weather has been known to have been in operation since the beginning of the 17th century.It works very simply.In high pressure, i.e. on sunny days, the water level decreases towards the bottom.In low pressure, when it is cloudy or raining, the level of the water increases.When a Storm is imminent, it increases so much that it overflows.Made from Cast Iron and glass. Easy to use.

Galileo Thermometer with Etched Glass Globe Barometer

A lovely conversation starter and a fun example of early scientific measurement, this Galileo thermometer and Glass Barometer set from Lily's Home engages the eye while monitoring the weather.Designed for approximate interpretation of temperature and general prediction of fair or foul weather, the set features glass instruments that rely on the principles of buoyancy and air pressure for their function.In the thermometer, the brightly colored internal spheres rise and lower with fluctuations in temperature and corresponding density.The glass barometer is shaped like a globe with beautiful etched designs. It works by shifting liquid to and from its curved spout in response to changes in the air pressure.Both pieces are beautifully shaped with a wooden base that makes the set easy to display on desk or bookshelf.The station measures 9-inches in length and stands at 12-inches in height.The thermometer measures every 4º degrees (2.2c) from 64º F (18c) to 80º F  (27c)and is accurate to within 2º F (1c) degrees with five floats.

Storm Glass Weather Station – Storm Predictor

Ideal Gift✔ It can predict sunny weather, cloudy weather, thunderstorms, and blizzards. ✔ Storm Glass is a great conversation starter — making it an ideal corporate gift. ✔ It is an exclusive addition to your interiors in your living room, office space, or bedroom. ✔ This gift is suitable for all age groups, may it be for adults or children.Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 16 x 9.8 x 9.4 cm; 180 Grams

Last updated on 21st June 2024 9:00 am

Storm Glass, Barometer Forecast Weather Station – Great Gift

Invented in the 18th and 19th centuries, it was often considered the British captain, Darwin used it on his ship.Anne Mary Helmsstein considered the storm bottle according to the effect of atmospheric temperature and pressure on the working solubility, but she did not exactly determine what ingredients were causing the change.There are other scientists who argue that the bottle is sealed and can not effectively perceive the pressure and temperature, and then suspect the effectiveness of the weather forecast for the stormy bottle.The drip glass contains a liquid that is very strange for the object, repeating the various forms of crystallization, depending on the weather changes.According to the weather. You can enjoy the glass form of crystal in a variety of ways to change the state.When the weather changes, the crystal form changes the object.◆ The sealed glass container holds a mixture of distilled water, ethanol, and camphor that changes in appearance based on forthcoming weather conditions.Formed like feathers and snowflake shapes. ◆ While it can't ever be as accurate or reliable as a barometer or actual meteorological forecast, the patterns made are gorgeous and makes for a stunning decoration on any desk and dining table. ◆ Note : the Storm Glass may need one or two weeks for the crystal to stabilize and adapt to the environment. If you want to see the test result, can be placed in the refrigerator frozen half an hour to an hour, take a look at the change effect.

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