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Unexpected Waves and Mini Tsunamis Compilation

2020-08-19T15:55:56+01:00Extreme Weather, Storm Surges and Tsunamis, Weather Fails|

WARNINGThis is a compilation of unexpected waves and mini tsunamis - most of the scenes will make you smile and shake your head at people's stupidity, but there are a couple where we can't be sure that the folks didn't get hurt.The clips are of waves crashing into beaches, cities and boats.You should [...]

Unique and Most Dangerous Weather Phenomena

2021-11-21T12:13:13+00:00Dust and Sandstorms, Extreme Weather, Lightning, Rare Weather Events, Storm Surges and Tsunamis, Tornadoes|

Unique and Most Dangerous natural phenomena that really exist. Our nature can be beautiful and frightening at the same time. Facts about the most unique and dangerous kinds of natural phenomena such as: Firestorm Underwater tornado Ice tsunami Special cloud formations Underwater volcano Unique kinds of lightning source

Why a storm surge can be the deadliest part of a hurricane

2020-08-15T16:38:19+01:00Extreme Weather, Floods and Rain, Hurricanes and Gales, Storm Surges and Tsunamis|

It can start before a hurricane even makes landfall. Storm surge, or coastal flooding, tends to be the deadliest aspect of hurricanes. As wind from the storm pushes water onshore several feet above the normal tide, it can trap people in their homes, wash away entire houses, and make rescue missions harrowing and [...]


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