Measuring and mapping the amount of snow on the ground or falling is surprisingly tricky.  But we’ve managed to track down a selection of snow maps and trackers to show the current snow situation for the UK and also the world.  And we also have a selection of snow trivia and facts here

Latest Live Snow Radar Maps for UK

Here’s the latest situation which shows what has happened over the last couple of hours and the projection for the next hour or so. If you can see the clouds tinged in a blue colour then that’s snow, otherwise unfortunately it’s just rain.  If you prefer a dedicated app then have a look at UK Snow Radar



And here is a really useful map from Meteoblue.  Although it’s not animated it does show the current and forecast positions for the next 5 days – simply hover and drag over the time bar at the bottom.  For snow make sure you select “Clouds & Precipitation” and if it’s snow then you will see snowflakes on the animation, otherwise rain.

If you’d like a dedicated UK snow tracker radar app for your phone then we have one here

Latest Snow Depth Map for UK and Northern Europe

And this map shows where the snow is currently lying across the UK and Europe together with the relative depth.

If you click the “play” buttom it will then show how the lying snow levels are expected to change over the coming days.

Latest Snow Map for the World

And zooming out even further these maps show where the snow and ice is currently lying across the world according to the latest NASA observed data.

Latest Global Snow Cover - updates Daily

Latest Global Snow Cover - updates Daily

And here’s a really interesting chart that shows how the 2023 /24 snow levels for the Northern Hemisphere are comparing to the historic means.

Northern Hemisphere Snow Level compared to Historic averages - updates Daily

Here’s the data in a slightly different way which shows the size of the current Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover compared to previous years.

Note that the second chart also shows the percentage difference of current snow levels versus the 1991-2020 climate norm

Again all data is courtesy of NOAA

Current Northern Hemisphere Snow Areas compared to Previous Years - updates Daily

Current Northern Hemisphere Snow Areas compared to Previous Years Highlighting Anomalies - updates Daily