If you were thinking that the weather over the last 24 hours was quite hot, cold or wet in Crondall, then here’s a great tool that allows you to see how our local Crondall weather extremes compare to the rest of the UK, or to Europe, or to North / South Hemisphere, or to USA / Canada, or in fact the world!

Just choose the area you would like to see from the drop down menus and the screen will automatically refresh – it should be quite quick but if you choose “world” please give a few more seconds as there is an awful lot of records that we are sorting through!

The data is being pulled in automatically from what are known as METAR stations (typically these are airports, military bases, or other permanent weather stations) on an “as is” basis and may occasionally have data that hasn’t been “cleaned” first. Also (and a bit frustratingly) the METAR definitions relate to National Territories, so you may see places like St Helena Island appearing as a UK place,  even though it is in the South Atlantic (!) as it is a British Territory. But nevertheless I think the data is still interesting and useful even if you have to make the odd commonsense adjustment!


If you would like to see more details for any of the locations just click on the link, or pop over to ogimet.com for a more in depth look as well as a range of other fantastic weather tools.

And if you would like to see the current weather (and 5 day forecast) for a selection of cities around the world then just click here.