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Air Quality Monitor Carbon Dioxide CO2 Detector – Portable Lightweight

  • Independent Semiconductor Sensor:  Used to measure CO2, temperature and humidity, full-color large screen, LED digital display, intelligent backlight, soft eye protection, intuitive reading, clearer display, 24-hour real-time monitoring.
  • Carbon Dioxide Detector: Real-time and accurate monitoring of CO2 concentration, environmental humidity and temperature, with a date and clock display, and the data is updated in real time every 4 seconds.
  • Automatic Alarm System: When the CO2 concentration exceeds 1000PPM, an alarm will be issued to notify you to keep the indoor environment ventilated in time.
  • Lightweight Design: Small size, easy to carry, and can be used directly by plugging in the USB cable. Can be placed anywhere: schools, offices, bars and restaurants, homes, cars, etc.
  • Long Battery Life: Use 3 AA batteries (not supplied) or use the USB data cable TYPE-C interface to supply power.

Blue LED Wireless Weather Station & Sensor Temperature Humidity Barometer RCC

Features: • Watch the change of weather from your home or office • External Wireless sensor with LCD Display feeds back to main unit • 3 Channel Selection for Additional External Wireless Sensors • Stunning 'Cool Blue' LED Display • 12 / 24 Hr Digital Radio Controlled Clock (RCC) • Sunrise and Sunset in 150 Major City Locations • Daylight Saving Time • Dual Alarm Clock with Snooze • Indoor and Outdoor Temperature ( °F or °C Option) • Indoor and Outdoor Humidity (% RH) • Min and Max Memory of Temperature and Humidity • Barometer with 12 Hour History • Weather forecast • Barometric Units for Option: mb/hpa, in/hg, Barometer Trend Indication • World Time Zone Setting • Comfort Display • Temperature and Frost Alert • Temperature Trend • Moon Phase • Tide Phase (High/Medium/Low - Spring/Neap Tides) • Low Battery Indicator

Bresser Thermometer and Humidity Indicator 3piece multipack

Temperature and humidity display.Display of indoor climate.Set of 3 sensors included.The indoor climate level is represented by a smiley symbol in addition to the indoor temperature and humidity values.With the practical set of 3 pieces you can control several rooms at the same time.Dimensions: 45x58x11 mm / Weight: 36 g; 3x CR2032 batteries required for operation (included)

Bresser Weather Station with outdoor sensor

The BRESSER TemeoTrend JC LCD Weather Clock has an "ultra wide angle" (UWA) display. The large presentation and the broad viewing angle provide for an easy reading of the shown information from almost any position in the room.

  • "Ultra Wide Angle" (UWA) Display 191 x 167mm/ 7.5” x 6.6”
  • Radio controlled clock (self setting clock - adjusts for daylight savings time)
  • Alarm
  • Indoor & outdoor temperature
  • Indoor & outdoor humidity
  • 12-24 hours weather forecast
  • Max. and min. temperature memory
  • Wall or desk mounted
  • Supports up to 3 remote sensors

Digital Max Min Greenhouse Thermometer

This large display, digital max min thermometer will simultaneously display the actual temperature whilst displaying the maximum and minimum temperatures until last reset.The instruments measure temperature over the range of -10 to 50 °C with a 0.1 °C resolution and are ideal for recording temperatures of greenhouses etc. The units are housed in a green ABS case measuring 30 x 50 x 180 mm.The max min thermometer incorporates a keyhole slot for hanging.Temperature Range: -10 to +50°C&F Accuracy: +/-1°C Sampling Rate: Every 10 seconds Complete With 1 X AA Battery IncludedGREAT AS A GARDEN THERMOMETER! - Suitable for indoor and outdoor use in the home, garden or greenhouse. East to reset and change from C to F

Digital Max Min Greenhouse Thermometer – Classic Design For Use In The Garden Greenhouse

Digital Max Min Greenhouse Thermometer - Classic Design Maximum Minimum Thermometer For Use In The Garden Greenhouse or Home & Can Be Used Indoor or Outdoor. Best of both worlds with classic design and digital accuracyEasily Wall Mounted and Flip Out Roof.Large digital max min thermometer for indoor or outdoor use, showing current temperatures and also maximum and minimum temperatures reached since previous reset.A max min thermometer is ideal for use in the home, garden, greenhouse, conservatory or laboratory.A good quality maximum minimum thermometer can monitor cold temperatures through night and hotter temperatures through the day.This makes the greenhouse owner able to adjust the temperature for what they are growing in their greenhouse and keep the temperature consistent.Temperature Range: -20 to 50°C&F Accuracy: +/-1°C Battery: 1 x AAA (Supplied) Product Dimensions: 203 x 100 x 30mm 

Ecowitt WH31 Multi-Channel Temperature & Humidity Sensor


  • Measures temperature and humidity
  • Configure for use with the GW1000 WIFI gateway using the WS View App
  • View readings directly on the WS View App
  • Supports up to 8 sensors
  • LED display with Fahrenheit and Celsius selectable
  • Upload data to the Ecowitt weather server to view history graphs and download the date from the website
  • Classed as an additional sensor, does not report to Weather Underground a WH32 is recommended for this service
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