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A full screen version and a text version is also available as well a direct feed into this Weather App. If you are still lucky enough to have FLASH enabled on your browser, then we have a really great live version available in Full Screen here and yes, those wind dials really do move to show you the strength and direction of the wind as it’s happening.  Our station went live (full details are here) in February 2006, so as well as the current weather we have plenty of historical analyses as well as other weather and travel related trackers – scroll below or explore the menus above.

Crondall Weather


Latest weather conditions in Crondall, updated every 10 seconds, click here


Latest UV index forecast and definitions, just click here


Latest weather news and alerts for Crondall, just click here

Lookup-Weather-HistoryCrondall’s weather by day is available since February 2006, as well as an overall monthly summary, just click here and easy to scan monthly overviews (with daily drill downs) are here


Latest weather trends and records for Crondall, just click here


Latest Air Quality data and statistics for Crondall, just click here

Avge^ Actual Diff
Jan20 4.5C 6.5C +2.0°C
Feb20 4.5C 6.9C +2.4°C
Mar20 6.8C 6.8C 0.0°C
Apr20 9.0C 10.7C +1.7°C
May20 12.3C 13.3C +1.0°C
Jun20 15.3C 15.9C +0.6°C
Jul20 17.6C 17.1C -0.5°C
Aug19 17.2C 17.1C -0.1°C
Sep19 14.5C 14.5C 0.0°C
Oct19 11.1C 10.7C -0.4°C
Nov19 7.2C 6.6C -0.6°C
Dec19 4.8C 6.1C +1.3°C
12mos 10.4C 11.0C +0.6°C
2019^ 10.4C 10.7C +0.3°C
2018^ 10.4C 11.0C +0.6°C
2017^ 10.4C 10.8C +0.4°C
2016^ 10.4C 10.5C +0.1°C
2015^ 10.4C 10.7C +0.3°C
2014^ 10.4C 11.2C +0.8°C
2013^ 10.4C 9.9C -0.5°C
2012^ 10.4C 10.0C -0.4°C
2011* 10.3C 11.1C +0.8°C
2010* 10.3C 9.3C -1.0°C
2009* 10.3C 10.2C -0.1°C
2008* 10.3C 10.2C -0.1°C
2007* 10.3C 10.6C +0.3°C

^1981-2010 for Farnborough
*1971-2000 for Wisley

Avge^ Actual Diff
Jan20 68mm 67mm -1%
Feb20 49mm 121mm 247%
Mar20 50mm 39mm -22%
Apr20 49mm 41mm -15%
May20 52mm 2mm -97%
Jun20 46mm 28mm -39%
Jul20 45mm 21mm -52%
Aug19 53mm 48mm -9%
Sep19 57mm 76mm +33%
Oct19 79mm 100mm +26%
Nov19 74mm 74mm -0%
Dec19 69mm 112mm +62%
12mos 691mm 730mm +6%
2019^ 691mm 735mm +6%
2018^ 691mm 624mm -10%
2017^ 691mm 623mm -10%
2016^ 691mm 613mm -11%
2015^ 691mm 669mm -3%
2014^ 691mm 1,053 +52%
2013^ 691mm 728mm +5%
2012^ 691mm 825mm +19%
2011* 647mm 523mm -19%
2010* 647mm 542mm -16%
2009* 647mm 667mm +3%
2008* 647mm 547mm -15%
2007* 647mm 698mm +8%

^1981-2010 Farnborough
*1971-2000 for Wisley

Weather UK and Wider


Latest Jetstream map, forecast and background science, just click here


Latest live weather conditions from around the UK, click here


Hottest, coldest, wettest places in the UK and around the world in the last 24 hours, just click here

Wide selection of weather forecasts for Crondall covering next few hours to next 7 days, just click here

Aurora Borealis

Latest status and map of the Aurora Borealis, just click here


Latest Sunspots seen on the Sun, click here


Sun, Moon setting and rising times, as well as Sostice and Equinox dates, just click here

Weather Marine Buoy

Latest sea and weather conditions reported by Marine Buoys, just click here


Past and future Rainfall Radar for the UK,, just click here


Latest Animated Wind Direction and Isobar maps for the UK, just click here

Tools and Trackers

flight tracker

Free live flight tracker, see details of all flights, just click here


Live shipping movements and details tracker, just click here

Latest Hurricane and Tropical Storm tracker, just click here


Earthquake tracker for the UK and also worldwide, as well as Richter scale definitions just click here


Live UK Lightning tracker showing number and frequency of strikes, just click here

Night and Day Tracker over Crondall, just click here

Weather Webcams and Videos

Crondall Weather WEbcam

Crondall Weather Webcam, updated every 5 minutes, just click here

Crondall Weather Webcam, 30minute history

Crondall Weather Webcam, last 24 hours in 30minute shots, just click here

Weather Webcams

Weather webcams from around the world, just click here


Live Streaming Video over Meadow towards 5th Green Oak Park Village Golf Course, just click here

time-lapse-videos of crondall weather

Time lapse videos of Crondall Weather over last hour, day so far and yesterday, just click here

Extreme Weather Videos

Extreme Weather Videos from Around the World, just click here

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