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TFA Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

  • Thermometer with maximum and minimum value functions
  • Measuring device with digital display for 2 temperatures
  • Saves the highest and lowest temperatures; can separately reset
  • Made in Germany
  • Available in silver metallic colour

TFA Dostmann Weather Station indoor and outdoor, with weather forecast

What’s the weather?With just a glance at the weather station SKY, you immediately get the picture.Weather symbols show the current weather condition and the forecast for the next day.A separate wireless transmitter determines the outdoor temperature and humidity of the local area. The max and min readings are permanently displayed and automatically reset daily.An additional memory with manual reset allows viewing of maximum and minimum values over a self-selected period of time; even the day and date of the recording are available.he base station built-in sensors measure the indoor temperature and humidity and indicate the quality of the room air in comfort-level zones.Time and date are updated via radio. The alarm clock with snooze function ensures you’re always on time.The display is made of two colours, clearly structured and thus easy to read.The backlight is activated with the push of a button.The benefits of the TFA Dostmann Wireless weather station SKY: ✔ Outdoor temperature and humidity via transmitter ✔ Indoor climate with temperature and humidity ✔ Two memories for max and min values ✔ Radio-controlled clock with alarm, date, weekday ✔ Weather forecast, backlight

TFA Dostmann Weather Station with Anemometer

Nice clear upgraded home weather station with wireless anemometer for measuring windspeed

  • Wireless transmission of outdoor temperature, humidity and wind speed (max. 80 m).
  • Trend display, perceived temperature and dew point.
  • Graphic representation of wind speed.

TFA Dostmann Wireless Digital Rain Gauge 365 days history

  • Rainfall: History of the rainfall of the last 365 days and additional an alarm if a certain amount of rain is measured
  • Transmitter: Included is an temperature transmitter for the outdoor temperature and a rain transmitter, which measures the rainfall
  • Clock: The digital display shows the current time with the date, also it works as an alarm clock with snooze function
  • Delivery content: Included is the base station, temperature transmitter, the rain gauge and an instruction manual
  • Digital rain gauge: Indication of the current rainfall amounts, of the last hour, the last 24 hours, 7 days, month and the cumulative rainfall
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TFA Dostmann Wireless Weather Station with Outdoor Sensor, Weather Forecast, with Radio Clock

Weather display: interactive weather symbols are based on changing air pressure, with display of indoor temperature and outdoor temperature, absolute and relative air pressure.Outdoor sensor: wireless transmission of the outdoor temperature through the thermal external transmitter with a range of 60 m, optionally expandable to three transmitters.Digital weather station with radio: clear display with indication of the current time (through the radio clock), indication of the current date and change between °C and °F values; with comfort zone indicator for indoor use.Display: clear display with maximum and min values, up and down of the sun and moon for 150 European cities, with graphic representation of the air pressure rate of up to 12 hours.Time: digital weather station, including radio controlled clock, date display and alarm clock with 2 alarm alarms, day of the week, for hanging or standing.

TFA Outdoor Thermometer – Black

TFA outdoor thermometer is ideal for outdoor use and wall mounting.Made of metal Wall mounting Available in black colour Measures 100 mm width by 410 mm height by 27 mm depth

TFA Weather Station Sputnik

About this item

  • Ideal for indoor use
  • Holder made of chrome
  • Classic table model with open barometer movement
  • Available in silver colour
  • Measures 126 mm diameter by 200 mm height


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