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Mounting Pole for Various Outdoor Weather Sensors (Ecowitt, Garni, Ventus)

Sensor mounting hardware suitable for a number of external sensor packs.Flexible mounting options for wall, wooden post or flat surface installation.Light weight aluminium design which can be mounted on a flat or vertical surface.Known to work with:

  • Ecowitt
  • GW1101 / 1001 sensor array
  • HP2551 sensor array
  • WN1900 sensor array
  • WS2910 sensor array
  • WH40 rain gauge
  • WN67 sensor array
  • WS68 anemometer
  • WS69 sensor array
  • WS80 anemometer
  • Wittboy sensor pack
  • GARNI 940 sensor array
  • Ventus W830 sensor array

Ventus W210 Climate Monitor Weather Station with 3 sensors

The Ventus W210 weather station for those who want climate information from many places in and around the home.The W210 weather station is equipped with four areas on the clear display.The weather station gives you readings of indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, weather trends, comfort indicators, alarm settings for high/low temperatures and humidity and much more.Features: - Temperature indoor/outdoor. - Min/max temperature. - Humidity indoor/outdoor. - Min/max humidity. - Self calibrating for temperature and humidity. - High/low alarm setting for temperature and humidity. - Weather trends and comfort indicators. - Frost icon for temperatures for 3C and below. - Background lighting. - Supports up to eight sensors, three are included. 

Ventus W830 Professional Weather Station WiFi Internet & Colour Forecast

The Ventus W830 weather station allows you to monitor your weather remotely as it uploads data to Weather Underground, Weather Cloud and also the UK MetOffice WoW service. Recently, Ventus has also added the ability to upload data to the Ecowitt network and your own web server using custom settings. Beware of some very similar looking models that do not include an Internet data upload option.Everything you need to get started is in the box and the online accounts at Weather Underground, Weather Cloud and MetOffice WoW are all free of charge. Upload to any or all of the services simultaneously. Setup your sensors, console, connect to your home WiFi using the free Apple iOS / Android App and away you go. We've never seen this feature rich technology at this price!!!The outdoor unit supplements battery power by also using solar power with a internal rechargeable capacitor, meaning that you won't spend time changing batteries every few months. As an extra bonus, this weather station includes a 1 year UK warranty as standard.We normally deal direct with the main importer Weatherspares, which is why we pass you onto them to complete your purchase. However we are aware that sometimes Amazon run special deals, so for your convenience, we also check every day to see what is available.  The latest information is below, so just click on the relevant price:

Ventus W832 Weather Station with 5-in-1 Sensor & WiFi

This great value Ventus weather station is equipped with many features for information on the current weather conditions along with forecast icons. The all in one external wireless sensor operates at a frequency of 868 MHz and measures temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, direction and rainfall.The console has an easy to read LCD display with a coloured background that shows the weather forecast, indoor and outdoor temperature, the value of barometric pressure / rainfall / indoor and outdoor temperature / humidity, wind speed, direction, the amount of rainfall, time and date, the value of outdoor feels like temperature, heat index, wind chill values or outdoor dew point.The console also has a memory for minimum and maximum readings with time and date of recording and values measured over the past 24 hours. It is also possible to set different alarms. The time and date are automatically set from the Internet. Data can be transmitted via local Wi-Fi network to the online services Weather Underground and WeatherCloud.Specifications: - 5.7'' colourful display for time and detailed weather information - WIFI connection with Internet time synchronisation - Receives weather data from 5 in 1 professional sensor and optional wireless thermo-hygro sensor via 868 MHz transmission - Publish local weather station data on weather underground, weather cloud, PWS Weather and WOW platform - Displays time, calendar, weekday and moon phase - Alarm clock - Ice pre-alert function - Indoor temperature (¡C/¡F) and humidity with comfort indication - Outdoor/Channels temperature (¡C/¡F) and humidity readings - Gust or average wind speed - Wind direction (16-direction indicator) - Rain rate (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, total rainfall) - Weather forecast (sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy, stormy, snowy) - Barometric pressure in relative or absolute readings (hPa, inHg, mmHg) - Smart outdoor Feels like sensation reading - Weather index for outdoor feels like, dew-point, Wind chill, Heat index - Max/Min memory records and past 24 hours (hourly record) - Hi/Lo alert with flash LED indicator - Weather calibration (on set-up UI) - 3-mode brightness: Hi / Lo / Off - 7 languages for weekday (EN/ DE/ FR/ ES/ IT/ NL/ RU) - Support a wireless 5-in-1 professional weather sensor (Included) - Support up to 7 wireless temperature / humidity sensors (Optional) (item no. 7009999) 


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