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3DHOME Storm Glass, Weather Forecasting Gift

Storm glass or weather forecast bottles are a device invented by navigators in the 17th century to predict weather changes to predict storms. Although this is a great invention, the inventors were not known to the general public at the time.

Later, the equipment became popular in 1860 under the propaganda of the then British Navy Admiral general: Robert FitzRoy (Director of the British Meteorological Agency).

A sealed glass container is filled with a transparent solution of several chemicals. According to changes in external temperature and weather, different types of crystals will appear in the bottleAnd a modern digital humidity / thermometer is given for extra reassurance.

Additional Module for Netatmo Weather Station

Use the additional modules to monitor air quality throughout your home.Whether in your bedroom or your children's room, in the living room or kitchen, thanks to the Netatmo Weather Station and its additional modules, you can now monitor the air quality throughout the whole house.Place an additional module in each room of the house and measure the temperature, the CO2 and the humidity in the room.You can then access all this information easily from the iPhone or Android app or the WebApp, while in the house or from the other side of the world.Add up to 3 additional modules to your Netatmo Weather Station.The additional modules are sold by the unit and work with the Netatmo Weather Station, sold separately.Real-time smartphone access to readings in extra rooms View each room's history and charts in the application Receive an alert when the environment of a room changes Optimise your well-being based on readings taken in each room Improve air quality in each additional room

Air Quality Monitor Carbon Dioxide CO2 Detector – Portable Lightweight

  • Independent Semiconductor Sensor:  Used to measure CO2, temperature and humidity, full-color large screen, LED digital display, intelligent backlight, soft eye protection, intuitive reading, clearer display, 24-hour real-time monitoring.
  • Carbon Dioxide Detector: Real-time and accurate monitoring of CO2 concentration, environmental humidity and temperature, with a date and clock display, and the data is updated in real time every 4 seconds.
  • Automatic Alarm System: When the CO2 concentration exceeds 1000PPM, an alarm will be issued to notify you to keep the indoor environment ventilated in time.
  • Lightweight Design: Small size, easy to carry, and can be used directly by plugging in the USB cable. Can be placed anywhere: schools, offices, bars and restaurants, homes, cars, etc.
  • Long Battery Life: Use 3 AA batteries (not supplied) or use the USB data cable TYPE-C interface to supply power.

Barigo Analog Brass Weather Station – Barometer / Thermometer / Hygrometer

Black Forest watchmaker's quality.Precision measuring instruments in a double sockets work behind acrylic glass in a elegant design this product is made from brass.Temperature, Air Pressure and Air moisture.Barometer with double diaphragm movementGift for lovers of analog technology4.3 x 4.3 x 6,. Inch, scales brass, acrylic domeWeight: 470 gMade in Germany -  For more than 80 years, the brand Barigo For Mechanical industry tradition from the black forest.

Barigo Table Weather Station double diaphragm brass

Barigo temperature and humidity barometer Gold

  • Mechanical weather station made of barometer, thermometer and hygrometer
  • Double diaphragm movement barometer for precise measurement, adjustment from below
  • Single elements of brass dome and black plastic ring
  • Gift for someone who has "everything", eye-catching desk accessory

Blue LED Wireless Weather Station & Sensor Temperature Humidity Barometer RCC

Features: • Watch the change of weather from your home or office • External Wireless sensor with LCD Display feeds back to main unit • 3 Channel Selection for Additional External Wireless Sensors • Stunning 'Cool Blue' LED Display • 12 / 24 Hr Digital Radio Controlled Clock (RCC) • Sunrise and Sunset in 150 Major City Locations • Daylight Saving Time • Dual Alarm Clock with Snooze • Indoor and Outdoor Temperature ( °F or °C Option) • Indoor and Outdoor Humidity (% RH) • Min and Max Memory of Temperature and Humidity • Barometer with 12 Hour History • Weather forecast • Barometric Units for Option: mb/hpa, in/hg, Barometer Trend Indication • World Time Zone Setting • Comfort Display • Temperature and Frost Alert • Temperature Trend • Moon Phase • Tide Phase (High/Medium/Low - Spring/Neap Tides) • Low Battery Indicator

BRESSER 5-in-1 Weather Station Weather Station with Colour Display and multi outdoor sensor

BIG SCREEN With the large 7.3-inch colour display of the 5-in-1 wireless weather station, you have all the important functions at a glance. Six differently colored areas support the visibility of the already clear display. The high-quality LCD display is continuously illuminated (in mains operation) and can optionally be controlled via the integrated light sensor5-IN-1 OUTSIDE SENSOR The 5-in-1 outdoor sensor shows you current information about temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed with wind direction, and precipitation amount. The history memory allows later retrieval of previous values of the last hoursMANY FUNCTIONS The weather station 5-in-1 offers beside measured values also a wake-up/alarm function, a frost/ice warning, radio controlled time and date setting (DCF - UK time zone possible), display of the current moon phase, Beaufort index, heat index, dew point and a 12-hour weather forecast.TECHNICAL DATA  Station: 202x138x38 mm / Outdoor sensor unit: 344x394x136 mm; Weight: 682 g / 6x AA batteries are required for operation (not included)

BRESSER 7002530 Weather Station with Rain Gauge

For all ambitious amateur gardeners and Meteorologists who are not satisfied with average values of the weather services.The digital wireless rain gauge from Bresser offers the possibility of own professional precipitation measurements.The Bresser  rain gauge shows the detailed rain measurement values in millimetres, but also the indoor and outdoor temperature is displayed precisely.The rain gauge has a radio distance of 150m outdoors.The base station can determines temperature and humidity and can also show the rain readings hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

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