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ThermoPro TP67 Wireless Weather Station

£29.99 £20.99 inc.VAT

  • 4 in 1 weather station: Thermometer, hygrometer, barometer and weather forecaster in one device; records and forecasts the weather information, offers the necessary weather information for daily life
  • Rainproof and cold resistant sensor: The remote sensor is completely sealed to better protect against rain or snow; works in good condition even in low temperature environment at -30 degree Celsius
  • Wirelessly monitor up to 4 locations: Supports up to 3 remote sensors, it can displays the weather data of 4 different locations as your choice, you may buy 2 additional sensors separately; Transmission range is up to 200 feet or 60 meters in open area, easy to monitor the weather condition around your house
  • Large LCD display: 4.3 inches LCD Backlight display; Low battery indication for the receiver and the transmitter
  • 5 Weather forecast symbols: Forecasts the weather situation by sunny, partially cloudy, cloudy, rainy and snow symbols; Current barometric pressure and last reset 12 hours compared volume, easy to gain the updated weather information clearly

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ThermoPro TP67 wireless forecast station features a thermometer, hygrometer and barometer. The TP67 provides real-time weather data straight from your backyard. Features indoor/outdoor temperature/ indoor humidity and the current barometric pressure with a 12-hour pressure history bar graph. Provides daily MIN/MAX indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity records. The outdoor sensor features powerful wireless technology, a weather-resistant design and tabletop / wall mountable design.

Why was the remote transmitter changed to a rechargeable design?

A common problem with our previous units was the sensor would stop transmitting in low temperature conditions. The TP67 features a rechargeable lithium battery which can continue transmitting, even at temperatures as low as -30 ℃.

Why does the TP67 not include an outdoor humidity recording function?

The ThermoPro TP67 transmitter is completely sealed to better protect against rain. In providing a complete seal and a more rainproof design, we were forced to remove the humidity sensor. Otherwise, it would take too long for the sensor to react to changes in humidity.


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