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Mounting Pole for Various Outdoor Weather Sensors (Ecowitt, Garni, Ventus)

Sensor mounting hardware suitable for a number of external sensor packs.Flexible mounting options for wall, wooden post or flat surface installation.Light weight aluminium design which can be mounted on a flat or vertical surface.Known to work with:

  • Ecowitt
  • GW1101 / 1001 sensor array
  • HP2551 sensor array
  • WN1900 sensor array
  • WS2910 sensor array
  • WH40 rain gauge
  • WN67 sensor array
  • WS68 anemometer
  • WS69 sensor array
  • WS80 anemometer
  • Wittboy sensor pack
  • GARNI 940 sensor array
  • Ventus W830 sensor array

Wind Chime Butterfly Indoor/Outdoor Metal Glass Music Wind Chimes

Hand painted spray wind chimeThis is a very meaningful hand drawn wind chime. It is a mascot, symbolizing good wishes, love, safety, health, happiness and happiness. This is the best commemorative gift for a special person.The unique design concept combines the lovely insects and human life , blending the beauty of nature with the beauty of life, symbolizing the eternal love. When you give it to yourself, it will light your heart; when it is given to a special person, the one we love will not disappear, they will always be with us.Beautiful Sound If you like wind chimes, don't miss this wind chime! Each metal tube has its own unique tone in the event of a collision. Enjoy great music and soothe your body and mind. Enjoy the melody of peace.Beautiful Decoration Light weighted and easy to hang. Wind chimes indoor can be hanged on your living room, bedroom as well as windows. Wind chimes outdoor also decorate gardens, lawns, patios, balconies. Listening to beautiful music in the breeze makes you very relaxed and comfortable.


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