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    This simplified live weather dashboard which is perfect for tablets / iPad is available here.  If you would like to see a more detailed live dashboards then go here or here and a text version is also available as well a direct feed into this Weather App. Our station went live (full details are here) in February 2006, so as well as the current weather we have plenty of historical analyses as well as other weather and travel related trackers – scroll below or explore the menus above.

    Crondall Weather

    Lookup-Weather-HistoryCrondall’s weather by day is available since February 2006, as well as an overall monthly summary, just click here and easy to scan monthly overviews (with daily drill downs) are here

    Avge^ Actual Diff
    Jan21 4.5C 3.8C -0.7°C
    Feb21 4.5C 5.1C +0.6°C
    Mar21 6.8C 6.8C 0.0°C
    Apr21 9.0C 6.4C -2.6°C
    May21 12.3C 10.4C -1.9°C
    Jun21 15.3C 16.4C +0.9°C
    Jul21 17.6C 18.1C +0.5°C
    Aug21 17.2C 16.0C -1.2°C
    Sep21 14.5C 15.7C +1.2°C
    Oct21 11.1C 11.9C +0.8°C
    Nov21 7.2C 6.8C -0.4°C
    Dec20 4.8C 5.4C +0.6°C
    12mos 10.4C 10.2C -0.2°C
    2020^ 10.4C 11.2C +0.8°C
    2019^ 10.4C 10.7C +0.3°C
    2018^ 10.4C 11.0C +0.6°C
    2017^ 10.4C 10.8C +0.4°C
    2016^ 10.4C 10.5C +0.1°C
    2015^ 10.4C 10.7C +0.3°C
    2014^ 10.4C 11.2C +0.8°C
    2013^ 10.4C 9.9C -0.5°C
    2012^ 10.4C 10.0C -0.4°C
    2011* 10.3C 11.1C +0.8°C
    2010* 10.3C 9.3C -1.0°C
    2009* 10.3C 10.2C -0.1°C
    2008* 10.3C 10.2C -0.1°C
    2007* 10.3C 10.6C +0.3°C

    ^1981-2010 for Farnborough
    *1971-2000 for Wisley

    Avge^ Actual Diff
    Jan21 68mm 71mm +5%
    Feb21 49mm 32mm -34%
    Mar21 50mm 28mm -45%
    Apr21 49mm 10mm -80%
    May21 52mm 87mm +66%
    Jun21 46mm 68mm +49%
    Jul21 45mm 55mm +22%
    Aug21 53mm 30mm -43%
    Sep21 57mm 36mm -37%
    Oct21 79mm 98mm +24%
    Nov21 74mm 10mm -87%
    Dec20 69mm 82mm +18%
    12mos 691mm 606mm -12%
    2020^ 691mm 703mm +2%
    2019^ 691mm 735mm +6%
    2018^ 691mm 624mm -10%
    2017^ 691mm 623mm -10%
    2016^ 691mm 613mm -11%
    2015^ 691mm 669mm -3%
    2014^ 691mm 1,053 +52%
    2013^ 691mm 728mm +5%
    2012^ 691mm 825mm +19%
    2011* 647mm 523mm -19%
    2010* 647mm 542mm -16%
    2009* 647mm 667mm +3%
    2008* 647mm 547mm -15%
    2007* 647mm 698mm +8%

    ^1981-2010 Farnborough
    *1971-2000 for Wisley

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