The Met Office Pocket Cloud Book

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If you enjoy watching clouds and want to know more about cloud types and what they mean then this practical reference guide is for you. Beautifully illustrated with lovely images from the Met Office, this handy pocket-sized book provides you with all the information you need to identify different kinds of clouds and the kind of weather that may be on its way. Full of useful information, this book provides:

  •  quick reference pages for rapid identification;
  •  a cloud classification chart and a guide to the unique cloud identification system;
  •  clear informative explanations from weather experts;
  •  a simple, easy-to-understand progression from low clouds to high stratus clouds, as well as covering unusual cloud phenomena;
  • a detailed introduction on the history of cloud classification and an introduction to the three principle cloud forms, with clear explanations of the atmospheric processes that create them.

This is an invaluable companion for the casual cloud-spotter and for all those fascinated by the variety and beauty of clouds and cloud names.


Last Updated on 21st June 2024 : Originally published on 9th July 2020


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Last Updated on 21st June 2024 : Originally published on 9th July 2020