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Outdoors & Garden

  • Our outdoor wall clock is a lovely addition to any garden. This stylish numeral display is great for indoor or outdoor use as it is weather resistant tested. With the sun and moon detailing and gold effect this piece will stand out and add a vintage atmosphere to any room inside or out. 30cm x 30cm x 4cm  
  • The Aercus Instruments Wireless Rain Gauge is a high quality self emptying rain gauge with indoor and outdoor temperature display.
    • High quality self emptying rain gauge, super easy to use and simple to install
    • Bar chart display of rainfall trend in daily, weekly or monthly rainfall
    • Customisable alarms can be set for high & low temperature for both inside and outside temperature
    • Minimum and maximum values for inside and outside temperature
  • Bamboo Wind Chime with 12 Extra large tubes idea for garden Feng Shui. These Bamboo Wind Chimes are lovely looking decor pieces that would suit both an indoor and outdoor environment. They have been handcrafted in Indonesia using sustainable bamboo. A simply amazing inexpensive addition to any homes or gardens. Wonderful natural tones are produced that will give you total tranquillity. Product Size (All measurements are approximate) Height: 45cm Width: 35cm Overall Length: 1 metre
  • For all ambitious amateur gardeners and Meteorologists who are not satisfied with average values of the weather services. The digital wireless rain gauge from Bresser offers the possibility of own professional precipitation measurements. The Bresser  rain gauge shows the detailed rain measurement values in millimetres, but also the indoor and outdoor temperature is displayed precisely. The rain gauge has a radio distance of 150m outdoors. The base station can determines temperature and humidity and can also show the rain readings hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annually.
  • This 5-in-1 weather station monitors the local weather from your own back garden Standing 5 feet tall, it can be staked in any soft ground and has an integral solar light so you can view readings even in the dark Keep an eye on the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, check both wind direction and speed via the arrow vane and spinning anemometer, and discover how much rain has fallen via the integral rain gauge Weather-resistant construction Lamp with integral solar panel Thermometer in °C and °F, Wind direction arrow Spinning wind-speed anemometer with rain gauge. Home assembly required, Measures 1.5m tall
  • With this rain gauge you can track exactly how much water has fallen in your garden. Simply install it into the ground or mount it on a fence, deck or building. Measure watering and precipitation in millimetres and inches. The tip diameter is 4 inches, which allows for maximum accuracy. Exquisite and compact, the scale is clear and easy to use. Size: 10 x 21.5 cm.
  • A delightful and unusual cat garden windchime. Handmade in Bali by a small family business. Crafted from locally sourced sustainable bamboo and coconut. These chimes when hung from a porch, tree, hanging basket bracket or by a back door make a wonderful and relaxing sound. They are made from durable materials, varnished to withstand British weather, and completed with nylon string.
  • ClimeMET CM1016 Rain Gauge Ideal for use at home in the garden, on the allotment or farm.
    • Comes complete with with an accurate and clear display and inner measure.
    • Ideal for use at home, in the garden, on the allotment or farm.
    • Frost resistant with carefully crafted components to stabilise the gauge for many years of use outside.
    • Inner capacity: 25mm. Overall capacity: 225mm (including overspill volume)
  • The new Rain Gauge from ClimeMET - Helping you make the most of the great outdoors Robust, easy to set up rain gauge - including flexible mounting attachments Also includes new CM7 Temperature & Humidity Sensor - up to eight CM7 Sensors can be used in total around your home and garden, equipped with a 100m transmission range Customisable alarms, Min/Max records, and visual history graph allow you to monitor the weather with ease Comes complete with handbook helping you to get set up - suitable for beginners or experienced users alike
  • Beautiful Multicolour Finish Leaves Moves With The Wind. Each Side Rotates In Opposite Directions To Create A Mesmerising Effect Sturdy Ground Stake - Perfect Stability And Easy Installation Guaranteed By The Sturdy Ground Stake
  • Simple barometer, thermometer and a hygrometer Measures barometric pressure (hPa), temperature (°C) and humidity (% RH) Easy and clear reading
    Product Diameter 132mm (5.2")
    Product Thickness 40mm (1.6")
    Relative humidity 20% ~ 45% RH , ±9% RH
    Relative humidity 45% ~ 75% RH , ±6% RH
    Relative humidity 75% ~ 98% RH , ±9% RH
    Barometric pressure 1060hPa ~ 1030hPa , ±10hPa
    Barometric pressure 1030hPa ~ 990hPa , ±5hPa
    Barometric pressure 990hPa ~ 960hPa , ±10hPa
    Temperature -20°C ~ 50°C , ±2°C
  • This large display, digital max min thermometer will simultaneously display the actual temperature whilst displaying the maximum and minimum temperatures until last reset. The instruments measure temperature over the range of -10 to 50 °C with a 0.1 °C resolution and are ideal for recording temperatures of greenhouses etc. The units are housed in a green ABS case measuring 30 x 50 x 180 mm. The max min thermometer incorporates a keyhole slot for hanging. Temperature Range: -10 to +50°C&F Accuracy: +/-1°C Sampling Rate: Every 10 seconds Complete With 1 X AA Battery Included GREAT AS A GARDEN THERMOMETER! - Suitable for indoor and outdoor use in the home, garden or greenhouse. East to reset and change from C to F
  • Digital Max Min Greenhouse Thermometer - Classic Design Maximum Minimum Thermometer For Use In The Garden Greenhouse or Home & Can Be Used Indoor or Outdoor. Best of both worlds with classic design and digital accuracy Easily Wall Mounted and Flip Out Roof. Large digital max min thermometer for indoor or outdoor use, showing current temperatures and also maximum and minimum temperatures reached since previous reset. A max min thermometer is ideal for use in the home, garden, greenhouse, conservatory or laboratory. A good quality maximum minimum thermometer can monitor cold temperatures through night and hotter temperatures through the day. This makes the greenhouse owner able to adjust the temperature for what they are growing in their greenhouse and keep the temperature consistent. Temperature Range: -20 to 50°C&F Accuracy: +/-1°C Battery: 1 x AAA (Supplied) Product Dimensions: 203 x 100 x 30mm GREAT FOR INDOORS AND OUTDOORS! - Our greenhouse thermometers are suitable for use in the home, garden or greenhouse. Also benefits from a flip out attached roof for extra protection from the elements. IS A MIN MAX THERMOMETER THE SAME? - Yes, just named different. An ideal tool to monitor high and low fluctuations in temperature which is great for gardeners and gardening experts in particular QUALITY GUARANTEED - Our carefully sourced range of greenhouse thermometers are very accurate and come complete with 1 X AAA BATTERY INCLUDED EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE - With a wealth of experience our Thermometer World team are here to help with any questions, advice or tips you may have.
  • Simple Sun and Star wind chime to make lovely addition to any open space


    • Add something special to any home or garden
    • Makes beautiful sounds when moved
    44cm H x 7cm W x 7cm D
    Overall Product Weight
    Colour Silver
    Country of Origin China
    Free Delivery to UK and Ireland if you spend over £40
  • New on trend Verdi Gris colour is a must have for your garden Made from solid metal. Size approx: 35cm wide x 150cm high (with spike) x 14cm deep
  • For keen gardeners, the Mini Gardener Weathervane makes an attractive feature for the garden and is an ideal size for fitting on sheds, fence posts, gazebos and small outbuildings. Made from steel with a durable black powder coated paint finish, it indicates which direction the wind is coming from. Easy to fit, the weathervane is supplied with a universal mounting kit to suit most applications. Supplied in a decorative box making this a great gift idea. Coated in black textured exterior quality powder coat finish Overall Dimensions: H45.5cm x W38cm

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