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  • The BRESSER wireless colour weather station with 4-in-1 UV/light sensor .The display is divided into 4 sections and has a variety of weather information to be uploaded to Weather Underground and Weathercloud via Wi-Fi connection.In addition to the weather forecast for the next 12-24 hours, the UV index and the light intensity are indicated.In addition, temperatures are displayed in C°/F° and humidity for both indoor and outdoor use.For the values in the house, there is a comfort indicator that informs you about the indoor climate by means of a symbol.You can set an alarm time and a temperature alarm, press the snooze button to resume the alarm after 5 minutes.
  • Sainlogic weather station is equipped with a bright and readable LCD colour display that can be used to monitor the weather conditions at home, in your garden or other surroundings. The display screen provides information about the temperature values and also the weather forecasts are available so that you can easily get the most accurate local weather information.WiFi  sensors are connected to the console by radio and then the console is connected to the router.With advanced WiFi connection options, the station can receive its data wirelessly. When connected, the display will remain illuminated so that you can easily get the measured values at any time, day or night.Ultraviolet radiometer. Indoor temperature(°C/°F) and humidity, Outdoor temperature(°C/°F) and humidity, Wind direction and wind speed.Graphic weather shows precipitation trend, time and date. Setting Moon phases. LED color screen Supply range: Base station (display) with stand up to 8 channels, outdoor sensor/ multi-sensor with mounting material/ Mini-sensor with display instruction manual. 
  • Step up to professional quality – the Davis Vantage Vue weather station is trusted by meteorologists, weather enthusiasts, schools and sports clubs throughout the UK. This sleek and compact wireless weather station is engineered to withstand scorching sun, freezing cold, corrosion and high winds. You'll see indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, dew point and rainfall. You'll also get weather forecast icons, moon phase, sunrise/sunset times, graphing of weather trends, alarms and more.


    • Easy installation - rain, wind, temperature & humidity sensors in self-contained sensor suite
    • Transmits data wirelessly to your console anywhere up to 1,000ft (300m) away
    • Weather data updates every 2.5 seconds - 10 x faster than the competition!
    • Wind tunnel tested to 200mph (321kmph)
    • Solar-powered outdoor sensor suite, with battery backup
    • View, store and graph your real-time weather data online/on the smartphone app/on your PC, with optional WeatherLink software and data logger (see options below)
    • The wireless connection option, which allows your station to wirelessly transmit data to the world's largest personal weather station network, Weather Underground
    • With this professional weather station you can monitor the weather conditions at home and in your garden with the brilliant, easy-to-read LCD colour display
    • Experience the convenience of taking your personal weather information with you on your computer, tablet or mobile device
    • The weather station measures wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, outside temperature and humidity, solar radiation and UV radiation
    • The console also includes temperature, humidity and air pressure. The weather station also calculates dew point, perceived temperature and the heat index
  • Davis Wireless Vantage Pro2™ with standard radiation shield (6152UK) upgraded and revised.A wireless weather station with a versatile sensor suite that combines our new AeroCone rain collector, temperature / humidity sensors and anemometer into one package.You can customize your Vantage Pro2 by adding consoles or the special-purpose options.First and only weather station in its class to use frequency hopping spread spectrum radio technology to transmit weather data wirelessly up to 1000' (300 m).


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